What do I want for Wardsville

Once, I was asked what I wanted for Wardsville.

 Does anybody actually care what I think about “My Wardsville”? 

Well, here it is… I haven’t been here as long as many of the families who have long roots in the fertile soils embanking the mighty Thames but…. I really do consider myself a “Wardsvillian”. I’m here to the end of my days and I would like to see Wardsville as a healthy and sustainable community in Southwest Middlesex. 

The beautiful tree-lined streets and modest hills are a great place for a walk.  Add a Fit-Trail and you’ve got a workout for everybody. Our Little Kin Park is begging for use. Baseball, lawn bowling, permanent horse shoe pits, shuffle board, music nights. 

 Our new playground equipment is great. The town kids are out playing and the kids from the country are coming in to join them.  What else do we need for the kids? 

 We have an accessible community centre. How about a seniors drop-in center, card parties, spaghetti suppers, educational events, blood pressure clinics, Welcome Wagon, computer education for seniors? 

These are just a few ideas. 


4 thoughts on “What do I want for Wardsville

  1. Wardsville is very fortunate to have it’s own library. And a librarian that is so committed and community-minded.

    Jan, you should start a sister blog for the library that you can up-date whenever you want.

    Please write a little promo on this blog to promote your programs!

    Check the hours and use the library, everyone. I fear that we take our libraries for granted.


    – Mary Simpson

  2. Hi there
    I agree that Wardville is the greatest place in Southwestern Ontario. Since I’ve been here, approx. 6 years, I have been part of fantastic friendships, the security of friendly neighbours, and of course, our wonderful Wardsville garage sale day!
    However, I think as a young family and a small business owner the frustrating part of living in a small town is 1) child care, 2)promotion of small business within the community - which leads to moving my small business to another town (commute). I would love to hear some ideas on problem solving within our community on how we can overcome some of these problems that most young families face in Wardsville, and help small business stay in our great town.
    I think November 28th will be a great think tank for some of our challenges.
    Elizabeth Kersten
    Sandalwood and Patchouli Natural Therapies

  3. Hi Liz:
    Thank-you so much for commenting on “Your Wardsville” I love your attitude about Wardsville and I think…..you are already a “Wardsvillian”.
    As a young mom and business person you have your hands full! I commend you for being a young entrepreneur.
    Please try to come out to the meeting November 28/07. You have a lot of valid concerns and some awesome enthusiasim.


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