Whose Wardsville is it?

Press Release for “Your Wardsville” Community Initiative

Citizens and investors are challenged to speak up and plan for the future

Wardsville, ON. Todays’ seniors, and their baby boomer children, realize that they are going to live a long time and they had better plan ahead. But where to downsize? There is a shortage of seniors’ housing in rural areas and retirees are moving to London to access comfortable condominiums, health services and cultural activities.

Wardsville is a settlement on the Thames River at the centre of four counties: Elgin, Middlesex, Lambton and Kent. Its main street has gone into demise; its two churches are struggling; and commerce flows along Hwy 401 to the south.

But take a second look. Wardsville area features beautiful river country and the largest Carolinian forest and wetland remnant in Canada. Upstream, there is the charming Big Bend conservation area. Downstream, residents with the support of Thames Talbot Land Trust recently set aside the Newport Forest for protection. The 27-hole golf course established 50 years ago is often described as a “hidden gem”. Health services are close by. The village has new water mains, sewer system, paved streets and lots of history.

Denise Corneil, a resident, gardener, and nurse, believes that Wardsville is the type of community that families and seniors are looking for. “Up-grade the parks and trail systems. Plant gardens. Protect Paint Creek. Learn about the history from local historian, Ken Willis. Infill the empty lots with family homes and seniors’ apartments. Capitalize on the Bicentennial of the War of 1812. It’s our Wardsville and this area has great potential.”

But Wardsville needs a plan. On Wednesday, November 28, 2007, there will be a round table for local residents, businesses, and organizations to discuss the future of Wardsville at the Wardsville Community Centre (Masonic Hall) 
21996 Hagerty Road
 at 7:00 p.m. The results of this workshop will provide ideas for the
• The future plans of local businesses, churches, and organizations, and
• The draft official plans of Southwest Middlesex and West Elgin

The round table hosts, Denise and Mary Simpson challenge anyone with an interest in the Wardsville area (both sides of the river from Woodgreen to Cashmere) to speak up. They believe there is great potential for this area but they also know that it requires a lot of cooperation.

“If you care about Wardsville’s past, present, or future, let’s get together over coffee and cookies on Nov 28th to talk about what’s next.”

For more information, you can reach Denise Corneil at corneildenise@gmail.com or 519 693-7002. Mary Simpson at simpsonma@gmail.com or 519 287-3566. https://wardsville.wordpress.com/



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