Our “Olde Dame” is back on the real estate market.

The Old Wardsville Community Hall (built 1931) is up for sale again. Walking through her empty rooms brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat. The year she came up for sale I didn’t have the money to buy her. The Wardsville villagers didn’t have the resources to band together and save her either. About six years ago, the story goes, that she sold for less that $17,000. That works out to about $243 a year for 70 years of community events, dances, bridal showers, bingos, Cubs and Scouts, Kinsman Club, plays, musicals –  the list goes on, and on and on.In her last years she provided a roof and home for the Clover Nursery. Do we sit back and watch her turn into an apartment building or worse demolished? I just want to know how you feel?  – Denise

For more information, go to http://theatreideas.wordpress.com/


2 thoughts on “Our “Olde Dame” is back on the real estate market.

  1. Well, I was surprised when I viewed the Wardsville Community Centre for the first time. I expected a wreck. Instead, I was transported back in time. The original velvet valance is still hanging from the stage curtain rail. The original mural hasn’t been painted over. It’s a time capsule. A treasure.

    It also has increased in value exponentially over the past five years. It’s a puzzle. How do we keep these buildings going? There heritage value is great, but the government regulations are formidable. A public lift would require monthly inspections.

    Yet, we know we’ll regret not keeping these special buildings. The arts and heritage are the future of Wardsville, not to mention Canada’s tourism sector.

    Mary Simpson

  2. I must second Mary’s comment above. I am by no means a building inspector, but when we went through we were pleasently surprised with how lovely everything still is. Sure she needs some cosmetic touch-ups, but I challenge you to find me anyone over 70 years old who doesn’t!

    I am very interested in seeing this gem stay in the hands of the community. One way is to purchase said building and then fill it with enough community events to make it support itself. Please feel free to pop over to the blog that I have created for sharing ideas about how to keep the Wardsville Community Centre alive: http://theatreideas.wordpress.com

    Lets band together and raise the funds necessary to bring her ownership home, and then re-light her inner spirit with the busyness of a thriving community she enjoyed for so many years. Watch this space for more details about how you can become involved.

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