Roundtable Follow-up: Wardsville Golf Estate concept

Hi Denise and Mary, I just wanted to extend a personal thank-you for the efforts you put into the community sessions that you chaired last night.  It was great to hear the visions of others in the community. With the Wardsville Golf Estate concept,  I strongly believe as in other examples out there, an adult lifestyle community development project will bring jobs to the community vis-a-vis new businesses to serve the additional people that choose to settle in the community.  The retirement community that I envision, can bring families into wardsville to support the new jobs created by the project.   Part of my role will be in the eventual marketing and I will look forward to some of the ideas discussed tonight to help in that endeavour. There are many other “golf course – connected” communities in SW Ontario that are successful out there (I have done some research with these successes and plan to do more, so please do not hesitate to ask if you want to also learn more about these).   Please consider the idea and vision that I presented tonight as a potential catalyst for greater things to happen.   This idea is to the appeal of the “golfing community”.  Regards,  Carl Kennes


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