Your Wardsville


Almost 70 people attended the

 Your Wardsville  “Speak Up” meeting held at the Wardsville Masonic,  Hall Nov 28/07.

Mary and I are extremely pleased with the turn out and the level of participation. EVERYBODY  spoke regarding the assets of Wardsville. Young and old, new residents and long standing residents came out to talk about the ” good things” that represent Wardsville. ( see  assets article ) 

To me, the people of Wardsville and area are the number one asset.

It takes a passionate person to be able to stand up and say what is important about where they live and why…… they love living here in Wardsville.

I am not a “big talker” but I was proud November 28 ,as I have always been , to say I come from  Wardsville and what makes our little  village great.

Everybody had an opportunity to “Speak Up” and we made certain you “Where  heard”.

Just my thoughts



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