How to attract families and small business

Hi there I agree that Wardville is the greatest place in Southwestern Ontario. Since I’ve been here, approx. 6 years, I have been part of fantastic friendships, the security of friendly neighbours, and of course, our wonderful Wardsville garage sale day! However, I think as a young family and a small business owner the frustrating part of living in a small town is 1) child care, 2)promotion of small business within the community – which leads to moving my small business to another town (commute). I would love to hear some ideas on problem solving within our community on how we can overcome some of these problems that most young families face in Wardsville, and help small business stay in our great town.

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4 thoughts on “How to attract families and small business

  1. Kudos! on your website. I grew up living in McNaughtonville, In 1991 I moved over next to Newport’s on Furnival Rd. Then lived in Woodgreen where I ran a business with my family. I am currently living in Wortlley Village in London. I can say first hand that I am ready to bring my family home to the country! I remember so many good nights in the basement at cubs and beavers. I remember My first baseball game at little kin Park and as an adult I was able to be involved in alot of history. I assisted Wardsville Fire Dept. through a mutual aid call to Nesbitts store fire, Checkers Eatery fire, Wardsville Tavern fire etc. I have lived in London for a year and a half . I like the fact that work is close by for Jody and I but This is NO PLACE TO RAISE CHILDREN!!!!!! The school system is so over burdened. The teachers can’t give attention to the kids as they should be able to. My boys are 6 and 3 and I just feel it is so unfair to raise them here. I am very much a tree hugger. I Love the “Misery” I have always armed myself with cameras, pencil, paper,and mosquito repelant. I do NOT own a gun or an ATV. I Wish every child could have a chance to see the forests the same way I have been able to in my life. My thoughts are these; Wardsville could be an amazing town if that is what you want it to be. I am currently building a new company called Earthworks. We specialize in Environmental Restoration. I believe Wardsville may be a great location to operate from if you are looking to get away from the automotive industry. I Think you need to be cautious in calling yourself a retirement community. Business is affraid nervous about that lable. I believe young families as well as retirees balances out for better fiscal improvement. I think your label would be better if it was Quietly Progressive Family community with a Proud Past. I would not keep it a secret. However, If you plan to market Wardsville as an environmental getaway where you can enjoy nature and freindly people You should be careful about the kind of business you attract. Let Glencoe’s Industrial Rd. have the Assembly jobs. Wardsville should focus more on Arts, culture, Holistic wellness, Stress relief, I can see it becoming a real destonation for people with an intrest in the quiet simple Lifestyle. All I can say is Don’t Give Up! I look forward to talking with you more in the future. God Bless !

  2. Dear Collin,
    Wow. You are the target market. That is for sure!
    Come on home. I hope you don’t mind that we re-posted your comment on the Main Blog. If you’re inspired get your own blog and we’ll register you as a contributor.

    Mary Simpson

  3. I don’t know if anyone will read this or not but is there anyone providing home child care in Wardsville or closeby?

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