Thoughts about the river’s potential

I hope that the planning committee of Southwest Middlesex will listen and hear what Wardsville has to say.   I think if the river could be incorporated with trails and benches Wardsville could be a wonderful tourist destination.  A cafe on the river for canoeist to be able to stop at would be ideal.  It takes someone with money and know how to make that a profitable venture.  I am reminided of  Scarborough Bluffs on Lake Ontario.  It started off as a small venture and now is a huge Marina.  If we could use the Thames River as a viable river for canoe enthusiasts or kayakers that might be a way to go.  When I visit my sister in southern NY State, the Delaware River is a hot spot for tourists and it is well used by rafters,canoists and kayakers.  These are just thoughts that are coming up as I am reading your draft.  Regina


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