A younger perspective

Having moved from a city to Glencoe (located near Wardsville), I have realized there is a lot more for me to do here in a small town, as opposed to a larger city like London. Most people don’t recognize that, especially people my age (I’m a 19 year old student).

The things that are available in the city, cost money. Who can afford to go out all the time? Small places like Glencoe, and Wardsville; not only do you have privacy, the beautiful scenic view, but when you do decide to go out and spend money, it’s exciting. Small towns should be more recognized, and praised a lot more.

These are the kinds of places that parents would want their kids to grow up. I know I would! They offer just as much fun as cities, only it’s less expensive. No one goes to the movie theatre every day, no one goes out to dinner every day, no one wants to spend a lot of money everyday.

Here, you can do all of that, and spend much less. I suppose I’m just expressing my appreciation for small towns such as Glencoe, Wardsville, and surrounding areas.

Kat W


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