Helpful comments from our municipal clerk, Southwest Middlesex

Hi Mary and Denise,

I thought the Nov. 28th meeting was an outstanding success. Unbelievable that every person in the room was willing to speak and everybody had something different to contribute.

Just a few notes in response to your recommendations. They were provided to Council, who agreed that the Municipality needs to revive the ‘town hall’ meetings held during the last term of office as those provided an easy, relatively informal way for people to ask questions and become informed about the issues of the day. A number of the questions you raise could have easily been answered at a town hall meeting.

I’ve been thinking of some different ways to circulate a general newsletter to the public, one that is published a few times a year and that answers the most asked questions received in the office. There is so much junk mail & material circulating out there now and, with ‘media overload’, it’s difficult to catch people’s attention regarding items the municipality would like them to be aware of.

Janneke Newitt, Municipal Clerk, Mun. of Southwest Middlesex

P.S. As with all programs and projects, Council welcomes comments, suggestions and feedback from the public at any time.


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