Wardsville’s economic assets

Economic Assets

The Mimna Brothers were way ahead of Henry Ford. Now, we don’t even have a gas station. Or an extra bed to sleep in. Things started to go wrong when they built the railroads. The motels disappeared after the 401 highway was built. The Wardsville Hotel burned. Mr. Ward, what should we do?

Wardsville is central to London, Sarnia and Windsor. Wardsville is central to four counties. Home-based businesses, sales people, truckers, repair technicians, and other traveling enterprises can be central to their territory is they choose Wardsville as their home. This is an attractive location for spouses who commute to different centres. Local residents have even observed divorced parents meeting half way in Wardsville to transfer their children.

Automotive Industry
While most businesses have disappeared, two automotive businesses remain. A farm tractor business lies between the village and Woodgreen. Wardsville Tire does a bustling business with customers who travel miles for good service. Ross Auto provides vehicle maintenance services. The absence of a gas station in Wardsville causes difficulties for locals as well as travellers who expect to fill their tanks in Wardsville.

Real Estate
There are a number of vacant properties for sale in the village, which represent opportunities for entrepreneurs. The Community Hall – built in 1931 and sold by the municipality as a surplus building recently – is for sale. The restaurant on the site of the old Wardsville Hotel is for sale. The old post office is available.


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