We need safe places to walk and exercise

Healthy Active Living

The population needs access to more exercise opportunities. West Lorne and Glencoe offer the closest exercise facilities for women.  The closest gyms for men are in Strathroy or West Lorne.   Even walking is difficult in rural areas because there are virtually no trails that are public.  Walking along roads is extremely dangerous and offers no protection from the weather and traffic.

The village has many places to walk for those who are active and know the area.  There is a need for marked trails where people and guests to the community know they are welcome to walk without danger of trespassing.

Walking and Exercise Trails.

Denise Corneil has been researching the design of a village trail with exercise stations. Beattie Haven’s 35 scenic acres on a heritage river offer an opportunity to link both sides of the Thames.

 Wardsville has two cemeteries in the village that are well cared for and have undergone recent improvements.  They are situated near the old Mill Pond and Paint Creek, which run in to the Thames River close by.


Excerpt from Nov 28th Inventory 


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