Wardsville has a very important land trust

Newport Forest: is a 110-acre (45 ha) area on the south side of the Thames River. The property consists mainly of lowland forest, with some upland forest (the Hogsback), meadow, ravine slopes and bluff forests, and floodplain. Title to the Newport Forest was transferred to Thames Talbot Land Trust in June 2007.[1]  It is a private conservation area (not open to the public). 

Birding: Birders know about Skunk’s Misery forest, which is recognized globally. They come to see some of the rarest birds in Canada. Many of the rare warblers depend on large (200 acre) undisturbed forests. Cerulean, Prothonotary and Hooded Warblers can be seen mating in the forests surrounding Skunks Misery.

Excerpt from Nov 28th Inventory 

[1] http://www.ttlt.ca/newport.html Thames Talbot Land Trust web site, November 29, 2007.


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