Proposed Constitution for Your Wardsville association

Constitution of “Your Wardsville”<!–[if supportFields]>PRIVATE <![endif]–><!–[if supportFields]><![endif]–>



                    To be considered for adoption January 19th, 2009


Article 1 – This Constitution shall provide the framework for the organization and operation of “Your Wardsville”.


Article 2 -The head office of “Your Wardsville” shall remain in             the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex.


Article 3 – Aims (or objectives)

(a) To promote, encourage and build community pride and identity

(b) Liaise with our municipality, Southwest Middlesex

(c) Support community initiatives and committees

(d) To accept donations, gifts, legacies and bequests including        real estate

(e) To raise funds for any of the foregoing objects.

(f) Organize special community events


Article 4 – Membership

Members shall be admitted to and removed from membership as provided in the By-Laws and their rights, duties and privileges shall be set out in the By-Laws.


Article 5 – Board of Directors

Officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary; and up to three Directors (3) = maximum of seven members.

The officers of the Organization shall be elected every two (2) years by the membership and serve for a two (2) year term.


Article 6 – By-Laws

(A)        The Board of Directors may enact such By-Laws as they may consider appropriate with respect to the affairs of the Organization and are effective only until the next annual meeting

(B) Any such By-Laws shall be confirmed by a majority of the votes cast at a general meeting of the members at the next annual meeting of the members.

(C) When asked to confirm such a By-Law at a general meeting, the members may confirm, reject, amend or otherwise deal with such a By-Law.


Article 7 – Not for profit

A member of “Your Wardsville” shall not receive any payment from the Organization except the repayment of expenses incurred on behalf of the Organization and approved by the Board of Directors. The activities of the Organization shall be carried on without a view to profit.   


Article 8 – Amendment

This constitution may be amended from time to time by a resolution of the Board of Directors which is confirmed by an affirmation vote of two-thirds of the members present at a regular meeting or a meeting called for that purpose.


Article 9 – Dissolution

On dissolution of “Your Wardsville, the net assets remaining after payment of all debts shall be transferred to the Corporation of the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex, or its successor, for use in the Wardsville community.  

Article 10 – Effective Date


This Constitution shall take effect on January 19, 2009 and all the acts taken by the Organization since that date are hereby ratified, confirmed and approved.


ENACTED THIS 19th DAY OF January,2009.


———————-                    ———————–

President                                 Secretary         








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