Economic assets: housing, high-speed, accommodations

Wardsville has affordable housing, which is attracting young families and seniors who are looking for a quality investment. It is rumoured that 22 properties changed hands during the past 12 months. The proposed Official Plan for Southwest Middlesex proposes to expand the settlement area boundary.

The village has access to high speed Internet but some rural neighbourhoods do not. High-speed service is gradually covering Elgin County. Middlesex is also working to provide access to missed areas. Lack of high speed is causing rural businesses to fall behind. More and more, businesses cannot operate without high-speed access.

The area needs more local accommodation. Motels are very expensive to build under today’s standards. Woodgreen offers the Greenmantle and the Woodgreen House. Rodney offers Touch of Home and Lion’s Gate Estates. For more B&Bs in the area

Excerpt from November 28, 2007 inventory by the community.


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