economic assets: transportation

Wardsville is 45 minutes from Chatham, Sarnia, and London and 2 hours from the “rest of the world” (Detroit, Toronto). It is 15 minutes from “survival services”: food, health services.

There are no taxis serving the local area, but the Greyhound Bus line stops at Pop’s Variety (and anywhere along its Longwoods Road route). Longwoods Road (Hwy 2) has experienced declining traffic since the 401 Hwy was opened in the 1960s. Nonetheless, many people use Highway 2 as an alternate to 401.

Longwoods Road: A Heritage Route
A tourism consultant from London developed a heritage route concept a few years ago called the Thames Valley Heritage Route. No champion ever picked up this idea. The Province of Nova Scotia has carved that province into tourism sections based on heritage highway routes.

Excerpt from Nov 28th Inventory by the community


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