Come on Home, Collin Palmer. Bring your family and business with you!

Kudos! on your website. I grew up living in McNaughtonville, In 1991 I moved over next to Newport’s on Furnival Rd. Then lived in Woodgreen where I ran a business with my family. I am currently living in Wortlley Village in London. I can say first hand that I am ready to bring my family home to the country! I remember so many good nights in the basement at cubs and beavers. I remember My first baseball game at little kin Park and as an adult I was able to be involved in alot of history. I assisted Wardsville Fire Dept. through a mutual aid call to Nesbitts store fire, Checkers Eatery fire, Wardsville Tavern fire etc. I have lived in London for a year and a half . I like the fact that work is close by for Jody and I but This is NO PLACE TO RAISE CHILDREN!!!!!! The school system is so over burdened. The teachers can’t give attention to the kids as they should be able to. My boys are 6 and 3 and I just feel it is so unfair to raise them here. I am very much a tree hugger. I Love the “Misery” I have always armed myself with cameras, pencil, paper,and mosquito repelant. I do NOT own a gun or an ATV. I Wish every child could have a chance to see the forests the same way I have been able to in my life.My thoughts are these; Wardsville could be an amazing town if that is what you want it to be. I am currently building a new company called Earthworks. We specialize in Environmental Restoration. I believe Wardsville may be a great location to operate from if you are looking to get away from the automotive industry. I Think you need to be cautious in calling yourself a retirement community. Business is affraid nervous about that lable. I believe young families as well as retirees balances out for better fiscal improvement. I think your label would be better if it was Quietly Progressive Family community with a Proud Past. I would not keep it a secret. However, If you plan to market Wardsville as an environmental getaway where you can enjoy nature and freindly people You should be careful about the kind of business you attract. Let Glencoe’s Industrial Rd. have the Assembly jobs. Wardsville should focus more on Arts, culture, Holistic wellness, Stress relief, I can see it becoming a real destonation for people with an intrest in the quiet simple Lifestyle.

All I can say is Don’t Give Up! I look forward to talking with you more in the future.

God Bless ! – Collin Palmer

Comment originally posted at Your Wardsville: December 10, 2007


4 thoughts on “Come on Home, Collin Palmer. Bring your family and business with you!

  1. Hi: I like the idea of environmentally friendly ventures. I am not there yet but always ready to learn more.

    I was actually born in Germany and immigrated to Canada in 1961. It was a huge culture shock for me as we moved from a smaller city to the big city of Toronto. Of course at that time population was about 1.5 million if I remember correctly. At the age of 27 I moved to Calgary and in 1986 I moved to the outskirts of Glencoe. I have always wanted a small farm so that I can have my cats, dog and horses in my own backyard. However that is not to be and I have settled in the village of Glencoe. For a time I too lived in Wardsville with my daughter and absolutley loved it. I also played Baseball for the Wardsville Ladies team that was coached by Verd and Eugene. Those were good times. I could walk to my place of work and save the environment by not using my care. I could walk at night and feel safe and my sleep was not desturbed by noises that one finds in the cities of concrete and 24/7 hours of services. I am not one to knock cities. I grew up in one and my schooling was fabulous. I loved school and still do. i also enjoyed what the city had to offer that you do not find in a small town. It does not matter really where I live because I make it my home in all the ways that are comfortable for me. Wardsville is a wonderful town that could be revitalized. The town hall could be used as a theatre, community dance hall were families could meet and dance a jig. One could put on a battle of the bands or a talent contest for all people in the surrounding area. If possible the river could be developed with a small boating dock so that canoists could stop and come up to the restaurant for a bite to eat. I visisted Paris Ontario recently and they have a small cafe on the Grand River and it is fabulous to sit there and have some tea or a small lunch and watch the river flow by. I love water and could sit there for hours as I dream or write whatever comes to mind.
    I also love shopping locally and try to share whatever I chose to purchase amongst the stores in town. We do not need to drive to London to do our shopping unless of course you want to spend the extra money on Gas. That is all I have to say for now. Regina

  2. Hi Colin: If I am correct your in-laws live next door to my daughter on Concession Drive. I am curious to know what you mean by Tree-hugger. As a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner that certainly is part of our venue 🙂 What type of holistic wellness are you looking at. Fern N is wanting to put together a venue in Glencoe for alternative therapies. I prefer the term complimentary as this includes allopathic medicine a very important component to holistic health. A small venue could be held at the town hall as well it could also be used for theatre, dance classes etc. Just thoughts. I am unable to attend on February 7th as I have another commitment but I hope it goes well. Regina

  3. Hi! Regina You are correct. my inlaws do live next to your daughter. We met with the agent looking after the old town hall. I would love to buy it.Unfortunatly it needs more work than my budget will allow at this time. We actually Have purchased a beautiful old home in Ridgetown. We are excited to get back to the country to begin expanding our company west to the rest of S.W Ontario. As for “treehugger” I just mean I’m a person with a great love for nature and the forest. I don’t think you can grow up in the heart of the Misery and not develop a deep love for the forest. Some of my fondest memories are of spending time with My best friends Allan Murray and Chad Tretheway in the woods. The company I have developed “Earthworks Restoration Co.” was created from my passion for my to favorite things,People and our environment. I won’t get into what we do on your town website. If you want to know more you can check out our blog . I am proud to tell people I was raised in Skunks Misery. I will always spend my life trying to bring great change to our area while giving everything I have to preserve our wonderful past.My company and my family will always be here. I am always talking with people in the skilled trades about moving to the country. I hope some day I can bring enough good paying jobs to the area that our kids won’t feel like they need to move away to have a future. I love the thoughts of a venue for wellness in the area. We are involved with a product line of all natural home products with our business so I am a HUGE fan of new ways to keep people healthy. I would Love to know how I can help you Grow your business. If you would like to contact us to set up a meeting about new business for the area go to leave me your contact info and I will set somethig up with you. GREAT!!!!!! I’ll talk to you soon!

  4. More information from Collin Palmer:

    Our company has a blog site right now.

    Our company has a wide range of services. We help
    companies divert waste from landfill to recylers. We help people remove all
    toxic chemicals from their home and office and replace them with helpful
    non-toxic natural products. We restore rental and comercial properties,
    using only chemical free paint and clean homes and business with non-toxic
    products. We are also working with a large seedling producer to improve the
    price on trees. We feel more people will be compelled to plant them if the
    price was lower. We also offer home cleanout services. We remove all your
    junk,rubbish and unwanted items. we them sort it and send the items to the
    people who can make the best use of it. ei. Compost, woodchipper, St.
    Vincent DePaul, Metal recyclers, etc. We are starting a program that will
    retrieve wood Pallets from factories. They will be graded,sorted and either
    sent out again or groud up and used for mulch. We also offer in home duties
    for people with a desire to lead a green life, but with no time to make and
    maintain the changes. I also try to bring business back to rural areas.
    There is more info at our blogsite. I hope this helps.

    Information from Collin Palmer

    Posted by Mary Simpson

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