Definition of Wardsville

Everyone’s personal definition of Wardsville is unique. 

Geographically, Wardsville and area straddles the Thames River, stretching from Cashmere to Woodgreen, from Newbury to Rodney. It includes Skunks Misery, an important Carolinian forest area located in Mosa and Aldborough Townships.  Wardsville is at the centre of four counties: Elgin, Middlesex, Kent and Lambton.  It falls within the Municipal jurisdictions of Southwest Middlesex and West Elgin.  

Community Identity

Community Identity is our personal and shared sense of neighbourhood and place: the feeling, emotion, and psychological colour that we attach to the spot where we live on the planet. For example, neighbourhoods in Mosa Township are still defined by the catchment areas of the one-room schoolhouses, even though the schools were closed in 1962.

History, culture, economy, character, ecology combined with all of our senses give us a common identity and sense of place.

 Excerpt from Nov 28th Inventory. 


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