Wish List:

  • “Brand” Wardsville and area as an attractive place to live and visit. 
  • A program for welcoming new residents to the area.
  • A successful Kin Day in August.
  • Build annual festivals around founders, heritage, genealogy, and culture.
  • Community dances and celebrations.
  • Connect the early car days with Bothwell’s car show and oil museum.  Also Petrolia.
  • Connect upstream with Golden Gryphon Medieval Entertainment (Tait’s Bridge) and the Oneida First Nations community.
  • Connect downstream with the Delaware on the Thames First Nations people to build inter-community linkages.
  • Don’t forget other waves of immigrants who have come after the original settlers.
  • Educate children and adults about natural heritage, First Nations heritage.
  • Five star camping providing access to history, rare birds, nature, and golfing.
  • Green houses producing local produce.
  • Maintain the signs that Southwest Middlesex and the Thames Heritage River committee are establishing.
  • Hiking trails along river and through Carolinian woodlands.
  • Invite the artists to talk about their June 2007 paddle down the Thames, a trip that London artist, Paul Peel, took in the 1880s.
  • Invite Twin Valleys community to have a home coming as part of Kin Days.
  • More B&Bs, accommodations needed.
  • More citizen involvement and leadership in community projects.
  • Organize a group of investors to buy shares in the Wardsville Community Hall.
  • Organize baseball leagues.  Bring back fastball, slow-pitch, and softball.
  • Prepare a home in Wardsville for the Shamrock car.
  • Prepare a marketing plan to attract residents, investors, and visitors.
  • Prepare a strategic plan and carry it through.
  • Promote Highway 2 as a scenic route (Thames Heritage). From Windsor, to Wardsville to Woodstock
  • Promote the area as an eco-tourism destination. Develop sophisticated adventure and five-star camping. 
  • Promote the Thames River Basin.
  • Provide access to the river: docks, trails, bird watching stops, fishing areas.
  • Rebuild community cohesion and neighbourliness.
  • Re-capture the glory days.
  • Re-establish the Davis general store complete with wood stove and chairs around the stove for story telling.
  • Re-establish the Nisbet emporium.
  • Re-open the inn run by George Ward.
  • Series of festivals.
  • Thank landowners who have preserved Carolinian woodlands.
  • Travelogues for arm chair travelers.
  • Walking tours of Wardsville, along river, Cashmere, cemeteries.  Ghost walks.
  • Work with the Canadian Heritage River program to promote the Wardsville area.
Wardsville Wish List prepared November 28, 2007


3 thoughts on “Wish List:

  1. With the Thames River and Big Bend Conservation area, being such great resources for the area already, we need to promote the use of these areas. One idea that I have is to organize and develop an annual (hopefully) weekend fishing tournament. It would attract fisherman to our river, and promote tourism at the same time. The fisherman could camp at Big Bend or stay at our local bed & breakfasts. A dinner and/or dance could be organized to conclude the weekend -awards and winners recognized, catered by local restaurants with local entertainers. We already have a great bait and tackle shop in town, to help the fisherman with any of the bait and tackle needs. May or June is the best time to have such an event. In conclusion, this is just another idea for an event to help Wardsville be a great place to visit.

  2. Hi John: This is a great idea. Do you know of anybody that might be interested in looking further into this? A service club, business owner? There has been an increase in game fish being caught in the Thames River over the last few years….maybe it’s time to relook at the Thames potential in this area.
    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Another idea for the Thames River.
    What about a river boat nature cruise? There used to be a party boat/pontoon boat out of Chatham. It looked like great fun and a good way to spend an afternoon.

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