Agenda for Your Wardsville February 07

7:00 p.m.

Wardsville Masonic Hall



“We’ve figured out what we have….now what are we going to do with it?”






1. What is our vision for Wardsville?

a)      What are your hopes and dreams? For your family, property,

business, neighborhood, association, community?

b)     After reading report from Nov 28 meeting, what conclusions did

you draw?

c)      What opportunites come to mind?

d)     What kind of community do we want to become?



2. Next steps in community building process: learning about the

strategies that can realize our vision. Develop list of themes to explore at a series of community

information sessions.


3. April 22, 2008.  Earth Day Event in the works.  Work out details.


4. May 11, 2008.  London Free Press Shunpiker’s Tour.   Determine

nature of activities to fit Shunpiker program and assign leaders.  2-3000 visitors on Mother’s Day.


5. Networking.  Share information about upcoming events, projects,

and undertakings.


6. Final Business.  Commitments. Volunteers. Next Meeting.=


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