Share the Your Wardsville blog with your neighbours.

I am fortunate enough to have a computer. I’ve always believed that computer communications is crucial.  Computers are necessary for education, building community,  organizing, and sharing important information.   Somehow I found the money and made the time to learn how to use this damn new fangled gadget. But there are many of our neighbours who don’t use the computer and don’t read this blog.  We are using other methods to share community information but I am asking the people that are reading this blog, take a look at your neighbours….do they have the money, do they have the ability to use or learn how to use a computer. If not….take a few minutes out of your busy day  and invite your neighbour, young or old to come and read Your Wardsville. This is a community building strategy. Denise


2 thoughts on “Share the Your Wardsville blog with your neighbours.

  1. Also, don’t forget if you know of anyone who does not have a computer or who can’t stand the speed of their dial-up, remind them that the library has 2 public access internet computers available for use free of charge.

    I’m working on putting together an opportunity for a brief internet introduction workshop at the library as well. I hope we can offer something this spring.

  2. This is great Jan. Thanks for looking into the need for computer education. I hope the program charges ahead and I hope citizens take advantage.
    Thanks again

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