Boot Hill Jamboree: Why not host a big event?!

When I read about the Boothill Jamboree in the Chronicle I had to do a web search to find more on it. I think it’s a great idea!!! I have been attending the Havelock Jamboree since 1999 and love it. The 2 years that I wasn’t excited about the lineup and thought I wouldn’t care if I went or not turned out to be two of the best years so far!! Having a jamboree around here would be a wonderful thing for the community. Havelock has many wonderful people who volunteer their time and skills to make it a wonderful event. It has grown by leaps and bounds especially since I first started going. The local businesses and people living in that community are always welcoming and friendly. They do not seem to mind the surge of people coming in and leaving each year. I really have to disagree that the Boothill Jamboree would cause many problems to the community.I think it would bring customers to local businesses, create a few jobs for some local people (Organized events don’t just happen) and even the boy/girl scouts can benefit from it by picking up all the returnable cans for refund/donation to local chapters. For those who aren’t crazy about the idea it only comes around once a year. It is at worst a minor nuisance for 4 days out of 365 and it really goes by in the blink of an eye.I have met wonderful people at Havelock, kept in touch with them and make plans to meet up with them each year. It really is an awesome event to bring a lot of like minded people together who also bring their own unique qualities to the jamboree each year, not to mention the wonderful performers!!! Great Canadian artists like Jason McCoy, Terri Clark, Emerson Drive, Adam Gregory (to name a very few) as well as American artists such as Charlie Daniels, Loretta Lynn and Lonestar have been there. I am one of many thousands of people who think, talk or read about the Havelock Jamboree often. Wouldn’t it be great if Canadians thought of our area that way?Reader of the West Elgin Chronicle and country music fan


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