Words of Encouragement: Randy & Alice James

Because we’re not sure if we’ll be able to make it to the meeting, we just wanted to encourage everyone not to give up. When we first moved to Wardsville, over 15 yrs ago, it was a proud and family oriented community. At that time there were many ball games at the park, along with the Firemen’s Busker Festival (I think that’s what it was called) and fireworks at the end of our street. We had family come from London, Glencoe, Bothwell and other areas come down for the weekend festivities. That all changed, and so did the dynamics of socialization of the neighbourhood. We watch the ball park go unused and unappreciated, the town seems more like a ghost town, with towns people pretty well keeping to themselves.We love our quiet, cozy little town, but this is not how we had it pictured now that we are empty nesters. Our vision was a town that would gather together a few times a year. Where our children would come home for visits and enjoy the town atmosphere they grew up in and want their spouses and children to come and experience.We also know that we haven’t done much to contribute to the positive of helping out with these events, our lives have changed, health changes, kids leave, etc…But we would really like to encourage you not to give up, people (including us) will come through, sometimes it takes a few of us a little longer to come out of hiding but we will. Our town needs this, we need this, and all we can say is please don’t give up.In our prayers, Randy & Alice James


One thought on “Words of Encouragement: Randy & Alice James

  1. Hi Randy and Alice:
    Thanks so much for expressing your wishes and concerns for “Our Little Village” Wardsville.
    It takes people with “heart” to make a village strong and resiliant in times of change.
    Where do we fit in? Where do you fit in? Are you willing to step up to the plate and join hands and work together to make the village strong, dynamic and interesting again. A village where your children, grand children not only want to visit but to live here.
    Please….. come on out and get involved.

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