Living Healthy and Actively

Wardsville has opportunities that we need to investigate further.  Here’s one; more to come based on our community discussion.  


We could be the community that puts itself on the map because we all are striving to improve our health through exercise and nutrition.   Who wouldn’t like to live in a community that is all about health and wellness? Where neighbours all encourage and support each other to get up off the couch and go to the park for fun and exercise.  The place to go for a massage, or (big breath) a weekend at the spa?  We already have a massage therapist and literally dozens of nurses and care workers who work in our community. Would they help us? 

 Let’s start with the basics.  We want to walk.  The community needs safe walking trails.  Beattie Haven is hoping to develop walking trails on its 35 acres to link with the village.  Is there private property along the river that could be opened to walkers?


 Denise Corneil has begun the research on Fit Trail, the timber fitness trails which combine scientifically designed exercises with walking or jogging to provide a well-balanced physical fitness routine for the entire body. Individual exercise stations with apparatus are spaced along a walking trail or jogging path. The participant proceeds from one exercise station of the fitness course to the next and performs the exercises illustrated at each station.



Resources: Fit Trail, Public Health Agency of Canada, Sally Martin (local physiotherapist), Sheila Morrison (Beattie Haven activity director). The Canadian Physical Activity Guide is like the Canada Food Guide, only it provides guidelines on what we should be doing to exercise our way to better health.  Health care professionals and care workers employed at Babcock, Beattie Haven, and Quad County.


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