Digital Photo Archive

I am interested in gathering digital images of Wardsville and area for placing in an archive and for use in some promotional media on Wardsville… like slide and powerpoint presentations. Images from digital cameras and scanned photos of people, places and events of historic or present day Wardsville are what I am looking for. If you are willing to share them with me please contact Todd Trojand or e-mail


5 thoughts on “Digital Photo Archive

  1. Todd:
    This is a great idea.
    Is there any body that can give Todd a hand? Do you have a scanner and computer to help scan photos?
    Todd, it would be great if we could start a Flikr file ( or something similar,
    I have started a Flikr file for Your Wardsville) for the public to view these images. People with out a computer could go to library or a friends house to view. What about a photo imaging frames? Just load images on a memory stick and then residents could bring photo frames to their house to view pictures.

  2. The thing about photos is they need to be archived in such as way that they can be Retrieved. So take the time to label the file name on the photo. And then, add comments and key words. All of our photos are now digital and they are lost forever if they can’t be “searched”. It’s just like having photos lying around without writing on the back. “Who ARE those people?!”

    Mary Simpson

  3. Todd:Many people have been looking at this blog!!!!
    You need to aggressively look at getting this project off the ground.
    I suggest that you have an open house some where, invite people with scanners and lap tops. Many people have kept their photos in albums. This type of safe keeping was good for viewing but has likley caused the photos to be glued into the photo album. This is a big project….and will take a lot of energy from the seniors or families that have the photos.
    Good Luck

  4. I’m sure you could use the library during open hours as a drop in place. We have a wonderful scanner, but I’m not skilled with it.

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