How should we brand Wardsville?

 I just posted information into the Top retirements
We didn’t find it; the manager found the Your Wardsville blog and encouraged us to create a profile for Wardsville.
Anyone can register and then revise the information I put in.  It’s a wiki.  A collaborative web -site.  People can erase what someone else wrote and write in more accurate information.  So check it out.  And change it!
We are working on our branding exercise now.  Learning about what Wardsville can become.  The first big learning event coming up is Earth Day.  Denise Corneil and the Wardsville team are busy set up an evening where we can learn how to save money on energy; how our sewage system works; and other topics.  
 Stay tuned and spread the word.  
Here’s the Wardsville page:  
Mary Simpson 

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