Rural Electricity Increases Coming

Rate increase is a big problem for everyone in rural areas. It takes more of our home budgets away. It also makes it harder to attract new business to the area. It is important to reduce the amount of energy we use in our lives. If you are unsure of how to start or how much changes cost, call me and I will help anyone get started. The first step is always education. Don’t rely on the government or energy supply companies to save for you. The next Step is to be your own critic. Be real with yourself. take stock of where you use energy. Learn what “Vampire Power” is and how to stop it. If you spend one day looking at where you are using energy it realy will suprise you. I will sit down with anyone who wishes to make an effort to improve the way they use energy. Check out my blog site over the next few days. I will be running a series about this.   If you want some help call me 674-1090 or e-mail at You may try my cell phone too.872-4633 Don’t be affraid to be CREATIVE!!! Collin Palmer | | | IP: 


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