Wine and Food tasting a hit!

This past weekend Lakeview Gardens in Eagle buzzed with activity as Beattie Haven Retirement Home held it’s First Annual Wine Tasting event.  Nestled among the flowers and exotic plants were stations for tasting wine and food. Six wineries offered generous samples. Harbour Estates Winery, Inniskillin, Pelee Island, Rush Creek, Smith & Wilson, and Sprucewood Shores Estates travelled in from the the Niagara and Pelee to share their best reds and whites from recent seasons.  Not allowed to actually sell their product at a wine-tasting event, they hope that people will visit their vineyards or demand their vintage at the local LCBO.


A chicken dish, salmon mousse, and cherry cheesecake were provided by the talented cooking staff at Lakeview Gardens.    Turen, the chef at Lakeview, demonstrated tasty dishes featuring local food every hour throughout the event.


Visitors were treated to live music, with Jerry and Al playing some old favourites on Saturday. The Five Guys provided their dulcet a capella tones on Sunday.


Dave Page, Board Member of Beattie Haven serving up the salmon mousse, said that “This event helps put Beattie Haven Retirement Home back on the map.  Beattie Haven exists to enhance the well-being of seniors in the Four Counties Area. Classy food, good music, and exquisite Ontario wines portray the image we want to project.”


The greenhouse made a glorious setting, and it was wonderful to step from the brisk March breeze into the tropical climate surrounded by the interesting plants and wares.  As evening fell Saturday, the lights came on, and the greenhouse transformed into an enchanting jungle atmosphere.



Submitted to local newspapers by

Beattie Haven Retirement Home


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