Living gently on earth is boring but necessary

The boring thing about reducing one’s footprint on the planet is that it requires behaviour change.  Like dieting and exercising, it takes willpower and discipline to turn off lights, grow a garden, cook food from scratch, cut down on air travel, and “flush responsibly”.


The learning event coming to Wardsville Golf Course on Earth Day will highlight Green Power, an increasingly feasible opportunity in small rural communities. Anyone interested in “green energy” opportunities will want to hear Richard Ashburn speak. A mechanical engineering technologist who specializes in alternative energy, Richard is curious whether Wardsville and the Beattie Haven Retirement Home might dare to become leaders in energy conservation.


I haven’t yet learned of a single small community in Ontario that has taken the plunge: branded itself “green”, and started doing business accordingly. The ultimate would be “getting off the grid”.  It’s a long shot but technology is changing fast. Harvesting sun, wind, and geo-thermal energy is becoming more and more feasible.


I hope that people who live in the vicinity of Wardsville will take the time to go to the Wardsville Golf Course April 22 to learn more. I dare Wardsville to go green.  The next seven generations will love you for it.

In my opinion, 

Mary Simpson


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