Kuhleborn Revisited: Thames River Canoe Trip Commemoration

In June 2007, a historic canoe trip commemorated a trip by London artists Paul Peel and William Lees Judson taken 130 years earlier in 1877.


The 17 artists and environmentalists (plus two dogs) took nine days and eight nights to paddle to the mouth of the Thames.


This trip is generating a whole lot of art.  During the trip, the artists generated 3,000 photos, sketches and countless notes.


The biggest project is to carve the trunk of a mature sugar maple tree that fell down last spring on Philip Aziz’s property during a windstorm. The huge tree trunk is 23 feet  high and eight feet in circumference).


The artist chosen to carve the tree is Paul Cottle of Wood Spirit Design Studio, a London native who excels in detailed woodcarving. This mammoth carving will depict the journey down the Thames.


The team plans to put the tree in a public area so people can see the master carver at work. There will be a web cam too.


All kinds of people and organizations have pitched in to support this project.  It is a BIG trunk and the logistics are big too. 


For more information, write to Barry Callow, Philip Aziz Foundation at barry@philipaziz.org


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