Earth Day at Wardsville Golf Club a Success

Wardsville is looking to the future and it may be green.  Forty people attended Wardsville’s Earth Day event April 22nd to hear Union Gas, the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex, and Richard Ashburn, a green energy expert, explain the current infrastructure and how it might evolve.

Janneke Newitt of Southwest Middlesex explained Wardsville’s sewage collection system, chosen because of its cost effectiveness to replace the failed septic systems in the village. Property owners still have a septic (Clarifier) tank that the Municipality owns and is responsible for cleaning.  It is the responsibility of residents to “flush responsibly”.

Steve Garvin from Union Gas distributed a kit to Union Gas customers containing a showerhead kitchen faucet aerator, bathroom faucet aerator, and pipe insulation.  Steve’s attitude is that products that are good for the environment must be superior to those that are wasteful.  He urged everyone to install the showerhead immediately to experience the results.

Richard Ashburn explained the advantages of clean energies; passive solar, photo voltaic, wind, geothermal, and bio diesel. These sources can power new growth and retrofits of commercial, residential and industrial buildings.

Electricity consumption for lighting, computer use, heating water for pools, home hot water use and industrial processes can be tackled individually.  Municipalities and businesses are currently changing their lighting systems to reduce energy use.

Ashburn explained that” Energy conservation strategies linked with energy audits will show the need for alternative power solutions. Then we study the cost, sensitivity and risk to see if it will work.”

Living beside a river, Wardsville residents are learning to treat their septic tanks with respect. Toilets are no place for cigarette butts, paper towels, sanitary tampons, condoms, disposable diapers, kitty litter, coffee grounds, or anything plastic. These go in the garbage. Cooking oils and grease clog the pipes and the rest of the system.

People are asked to compost kitchen waste instead of using a garburator. Using an in-sink garburator can increase the solids in the Clarifier tank by 40-50%, increasing the pump out costs for everyone.

Wasting water increases the costs of running the treatment plant and pumping stations, which property owners pay for in user fees, and wastes a valuable resource.



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