Community Futures Development Corp of Middlesex County

Congratulations re: hosting London Free Press Shunpikers!

To promote Middlesex, this may be a project for the future: Take a Sunday and people going on a tour showing them all the hidden treasures from middlesex. Just a thought!!!!!!

When our kids were small we always did this tour and now that the kids are older and not at home mothers day, Marja and I will do the tour again, if it is not raining heavily.  This tour is very popular and attracts a lot of parents with younger kids. 
Have a good tour and Mothers day.

Tiny van Pinxterin, Board Chair, CFDC OF MIDDLESEX COUNTY

And from Staff:

Thanks for letting me know about the tour – unfortunately I was
unavailable that day for the tour but did buy a Free Press so that I
could discover the route.  I have been a participant of the Shunpiker
for years.  I use to take my kids and we learned a great deal about
southwestern Ontario. 

I hope Wardsville benefitted from the tour.

Bev Pfau
“The Business Help Centre”
224234 JEFFERIES RD., UNIT 6, RR#5


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