Letter to LFP Editor re: Thames (part two)

So why am I writing you?  This isn’t a trip down nostalgia lane. No, I don’t think so.


I give you a challenge…every time we have a really big rain fall in Southwestern Ontario, look into how much untreated effluent is discharged into the Thames River because London does not have the storage for rain water and effluent.  Storm sewers are connected to sewers.  The London Free Press has printed notices from the city of London on what it had to discharge. Millions of Gallons.  Shameful.

I guess, Paul if you live in London you don’t care….but does that make you accountable or not?


The Upper Thames released their Upper Thames River report Card in February/08 which was pretty good. I have asked for a Lower Thames Report card but have not been answered.  Is a report in process or is the health of the Lower Thames too precarious to study?  

Now, I am not blaming the whole issue on London. My farm background has educated me in the role of fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides. As well in the last 40 years there has been so much farm drainage put in that all of the above has to drain to the river.

Our sewage treatment plant in Wardsville is being reviewed…and by God if it’s not working properly than I will pay to have it rectified.


Where do you stand?


Please have a look into how much effluent goes down the river from London. You’ll be surprised. Especially after a big rain.


If you could get back to me, on a report from Lower Thames Conservation I would greatly appreciate it.


Keep up the great work.



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