Do the Thames River a favour…

Divert Other Water Wastes

. Don’t hook-up your sump pump, floor drains, eaves troughs, etc. to your sewer outlet

Read your sewer by-law.

Dispose of Chemicals and fuels at Approved Waste Sites

. Don’t put oil, gasoline, paint, varnishes, paint thinners, solvents, photographic chemicals, weed or insect killers, etc. down a drain. They can poison your Clarifier Tank, the whole collection system and treatment plant and possibly the Thames River.


Don’t get paranoid but:

These hazardous chemicals can be traced back to the individual Clarifier Tanks.


Toxic crap must no longer be disposed of irresponsibly.  The stuff is NOT “out of sight; out of mind”. We’re drinking it!

Mary Simpson


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