ATVers need to get organized

ATV’s are a fact of life in our mechanized world. The problem is they are sold to people who don’t have any land of their own to ride on. So they go looking for private/public land, but in Southwestern Ontario, the land is becoming so valuable as our population continues to grow exponentially. Not only is land getting expensive, so little of it is preserved to serve its ecological function of cleaning our air and water that we are quickly restricting ATV/motorbike access in order to preserve what little land left due to the loss of land from urban sprawl.

The snowmobilers are very organized and INSURED. This is a huge bone of contention. If ATVers drive on private property, even with out consent, and they get hurt or killed they can sue the landowner. So who want’s that liability??? No one. So the ATVers need to get organized in a large enough group thay they can buy land of their own or an insurance plan that removes liability from the landowner (like what the snowmobliers have)in case they get hurt (which happens all the time since there are no driver licensing requirements)and then they can approach landowners to make a deal to ride on their land.In time.

If ATVers don’t get more organized, I foresee more bans and laws inhibiting the use of these machines except on your own land, and even then, if your land is classified as wetland or has endangered species on it, you won’t be able to ride there either.

In Southwestern Ontario, ATV use is going to have less and less fun attached to a $10,000 purchase. Save your money and take a vaction or plan on travelling elsewhere to use it.


Terry Keep


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