Will boomers like Wardsville?

Where Boomers Want to Retire


 Small towns are going to re-emerge.There is a reason why small towns loom so large in our imaginations – they are a powerful ideal where everyone knows one another and shares a sense of community. Many boomers are going to seek out this ideal, looking for towns that are growing, have a vital downtown, plentiful recreational opportunities, and a charming appearance.  

 Cultural centers are going to be popular One form of this is already taking off, with many universities across the country either participating in or permitting developers to build “university-affiliated” developments. These particularly appeal to alumni and former faculty who would like to live in their old college town. The college courses, atmosphere, and sports events that they can participate in provide a rich experience. (see Penn State Village Review). Another development idea that is going to be strong with baby boomers is the idea of communities that are built around culture. A good example of this is the Burbank (CA) Senior Artists Colony (see Review). The Colony is designed as a community where artists or would be artists can develop their arts amidst like-minded neighbors. This trend has the support of many professionals who believe that creative engagement is vital to prolonging mental faculties.  Mary Simpson and Denise Corneil


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