Themed village proposed for Port Glasgow

A major residential / commercial / resort complex is being proposed in Port Glasgow by Seaside Waterfronts Inc. The proposed development consists of approximately 35 ha (86 acres) of residential and approximately 3 ha (7.5 acres) of commercial use concentrated in Lot 6, Con XIV and extending into Lot 5, Con XIV.    It would contain a variety of dwelling types ranging from single unit detached dwellings to four unit dwellings including live-work establishments and apartments over ground floor commercial uses. In the village core would be developed a limited service inn and spa, boutiques and shops, restaurants and pubs and a village square. Public facilities would include an outdoor amphitheatre and a community centre with a performing arts centre, plus community pools and a new lighthouse. 

Dwellings would be constructed to fit into a village theme and would include singles, two storey, multilevel units and quads along with three storey live-work units along the main street (i.e. Havens Lake Road). The development will be designed to encourage and facilitate pedestrian and bicycle access, offering lakeviews and trails/walkways that connect to the shoreline, to Memorial Park and to Grey Line along Sixteen Mile Creek.

The natural heritage of the area would be protected and where possible enhanced and the agricultural heritage of the area incorporated into the community design. A winery will be sought to establish a vineyard on adjoining lands. Construction is planned to be phased over a five year period starting in 2009.  


While the lands being proposed for the development are designated ‘Lakeshore Recreation’ in the Official Plan of the former Township of Aldborough, modifications to the new Official Plan for West Elgin recently adopted by Council are being considered to accommodate the development and the proponents will have to demonstrate that the proposed development is consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement. 


While the area being proposed for development is serviced by the existing municipal water supply system, a new sanitary sewage system will be required. It is intended that this new sewage system will be designed to service both the proposed development and the existing Port Glasgow community. A Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA), commissioned by the Municipality of West Elgin and paid for by Seaside Developments Inc., is underway. This Class EA will define the area in Port Glasgow to be serviced, formulate and assess project alternatives, and identify a preferred solution. 


A PRELIMINARY PUBLIC MEETING will be held on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th , 2008, 7:00 p.m., at the Dance Hall in the Port Glasgow Trailer Park, 8650 Furnival Road, Port Glasgow. The purpose of the meeting will be to outline the proposed development; improvements being considered on adjoining lands owned by the Municipality of West Elgin and the Port Glasgow Yacht Club and review the Class EA planning process to be completed for the proposed sanitary sewage system. The meeting is intended as a preliminary public meeting in accordance with Planning Act and Municipal Class EA requirements. Further opportunities for public consultation will be provided as the proposed development evolves and the Class EA planning proposed for the sewage system proceeds. 


PUBLIC INPUT AND COMMENT ARE INVITED, for incorporation into the planning and design of this project. For more information on this project, please contact the Municipality of West Elgin.  

 This NOTICE issued August 14, 2008, by the Municipality of West Elgin. 

 Ms. Joanne Groch, Administrator/Treasurer 


22413 Hoskins Line, PO Box 490 

Rodney, Ontario   N0L 2C0 

Phone:  (519) 785-0560      Fax:  (519) 785-0644 



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