Hey Wardsvillians, we need you…

 Do you ever feel that your evenings or weekends are dull and unexciting?  Maybe your friends have moved on or moved away. That all you do is watch T.V. Do you volunteer?

After a few months of rest….Mary and I are back volunteering for many groups and organizations that need an extra hand.

There are many clubs and orginizations that need a helping hand, a voice, or just a warm body to say   ” Hey, you’re doing a great job! Thanks for all your hard work!”

How does a municipality keep track of  all the hours spent on volunteering? What type of project would this entail? I guess this is food for thought.  This would be a great Communities in Bloom project.
Wardsville residents, we need every one of you to do just a wee bit for the community.  If you just live here without connecting with the larger community, then you are contributing to the “bedroom community” identity.  Here we are living together in this lovely village, and we don’t even know one another.  Let’s overcome the bedroom community dilemma. Please come out to the upcoming events.  We are still trying to figure out the best way to communicate with everyone.  It is not simple because we all tune into different grapevines. 


Please check back to this on-line blog grapevine.  We like this grapevine because it costs no dollars to access.


Denise Corneil and Mary Simpson


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