Shamrock Dining Lounge

It’s great to have two restaurants in Wardsville now.  The more restaurants a town has, the farther people will drive.  The town becomes a restaurant destination.  

Here’s a review of the Shamrock Dining Lounge that turned up in a bicyclist’s blog re bike trip from at

Nate biked to Northwestern University, in Evanston, IL, where he is a freshman this fall, from his house in Western Massachusetts with his dad. Their aim was to ride 100 miles per day, for 10 days, and have a few days for rain and resting. They followed the Erie Canal Bike Path, and the New York Bike Route 5, to Niagara Falls, and then across Ontario,  through Michigan to Muskegon where they took a ferry to Milwaukee, WI. From there down to Evanston.

“One problem with going west in this area of Ontario is that all the roads run North-East/South-West, and North-West/South-East. So we have to zig-zag across Ontario. On one such zig-zag, we stopped in Wardsville to have lunch at the Shamrock Dining Lounge.

“It had just opened, but unlike Joey’s Seafood, they weren’t out of any of their menu items. It was great to have it air conditioned, since it was a scorcher outside. We got soup and burgers, and had a nice chat with our server, about how new the restaurant was, and ho it had been a bar before, and how they had spent time cleaning it and repainting it. It had a great atmosphere, and nice hardwood floors. After I blogged there for a while, we got some ice cream, and then they gave us a litre of ice tea.

“After we passed through Cairo, it was dead straight, all the way to Sombra, on the St. Clair. Once, we saw a radio tower in the distance as we were racing along at 20 mph. We estimated it would take us ten minutes to get there. I kept checking my watch, to see if it seemed like we would make it. At 9 minutes, it didn’t seem to be a whole lot closer. In the end, it took us nearly twenty minutes to pass the tower. That could have put a damper on our spirits, but we took it in stride, and just kept cranking along.”


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