Notes of “Your Wardsville” Meeting #4

October 20, 2008

The Shamrock

Attending: ~25 people


Meeting Notes

Meeting Objective: Organize. Involve as many people as possible in the leadership, work, and fun of building a stronger, healthier Wardsville and area.

Meeting outcomes:

  1. Celebration and thank you to citizens for their community work: seen and unseen
  2. Introduced new residents Richard Somers (artist) and Lorna and Paul Svendsen (organic growers)
  3. Developed ideas for brand and logo
  4. Decided to go ahead to form a citizens group to organize and coordinate work
  5. Reviewed the work that lies ahead and how it can be organized and coordinated.


“Blunders and Betrayals’: The Story of Dr. Charles Duncombe”

Nancy Johnson (producer) and Marion Johnson (playwright) explained a piece of historical theatre we hope to stage in Wardsville on Kin Day, June 20, 2009.


This project is about bringing regional history to life through innovative new media. It presents the dramatic adventure story of the harrowing escape of 1837 rebellion leader Dr. Charles Duncombe to safety across the border into Detroit Michigan. The project preserves historical facts, reaches new audiences and builds appreciation and respect for the immigrants and the hard-won privileges we enjoy today. It is an opportunity to share a mutual legacy with our American neighbours in Michigan.


The project partners with Fanshawe Pioneer Village’s environment theatre programming and will be produced in the summer of 2009 during the Village’s 50th anniversary celebrations as well as Wardsville and two other Ontario locations.

Thank you to all the leaders and workers in Wardsville: past and present

We acknowledged the power of “committees of one” and thanked the following people for their work and leadership.  This is just a sample.  We always need to take the time to thank one another and acknowledge the work of individuals and the collective.  Community work is difficult and we must be easy on one another! 


  • Alma Sitler organizes the Wardsville Yard Sale, a Halloween Party, and a Christmas Carol Sing, (not to mention her work with the Wardsville United Church.
  • Don Nisbet has a long history of leadership and current sits on the Board of TCU Wardsvile and the James A., Beattie Foundation
  • Mrs. Art Long has taken on the thankless job of submitting the Wardsville News to the Glencoe transcript
  • Jack Morrison has a long history of community service and currently sits on the Board of Beattie Haven Inc.
  • Ken Willis manages the Wardsville Museum with his wife and helpers, and is the secretary of the Glencoe Historical Society.
  • Denise Corneil and Mary Simpson took on this planning project, Your Wardsville, to facilitate rejuvenation and neighbourhood building.


Howdy Neighbour!

Richard Somers (artist) and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Svendsen (organic growers) were officially welcomed to the community.  We are excited about the businesses they are establishing and how they fit into the emerging vision for Wardsville’s future.


It was recognized that Wardsville needs a Welcome Wagon committee that is responsible for welcoming all new residents and businesses to the area.


Organize Community Association

A steering committee consisting of Ken Willis, Vance Blackmore, Marty of Mainstreet Middlesex, Denise Corneil, Todd Trojand, and Mary Simpson were directed to prepare a proposal, by-laws, and structure of a community organization for Wardsville and area and present it to the next meeting to be held November 17th at the Wardsville United Church.


November 17, 2008: Next Meeting

It was decided to hold a special meeting to establish a community organization for Wardsville and area with a mission to build civic pride in Wardsville and area.


November 17th at the Wardsville United Church at 7:00 p.m.


Work To Be Done

The group reviewed the work of existing and proposed groups that would work together in a coordinated fashion. Work groups include:

First Impressions Team

Or Beautification of Wardsville and Area

Bring on the Wow! Factor.


We need a team of creative people who can inspire and coordinate the critical things that make a good first impression to visitors and give our residents visual pleasure.


  • Flower beds: maintain and develop.
  • Flags, banners, signage when we develop our brand and logo
  • Ongoing planting and maintenance of trees
  • Planting of red buds at park and possible cemetery
  • Support the SWM’s flower pot program
  • Christmas decorations.


Cultural Committee

To provide fun, entertainment and education events to the community: music, movies, food, arts, history, Wardsville Museum


  • Encourage and support event planning
  • Identify resources (especially free ones)
  • Provide support, guidance, promotion.
  • Concert series: Todd Trojand
  • Help plan and host special projects.


Kin Day

Annual Community Event

Mobilize community involvement

Organize activities

3rd Saturday of June

June 20, 2008

Theme: Wardsville’s role in Rebellion of 1837.

Dr. Charles Duncombe adventure story


Friends of Little Kin Park

To work with Southwest Middlesex on park (a) planning and improvement (b) program development.

  • Provide support for outside events
  • Develop and organize programs
  • Baseball, Horseshoes
  • Games
  • Overnight RV drop-in



Business Improvement Association

To support business

To organize meetings of businesses and non-profit groups

To liaise with Mainstreet Middlesex and other business groups


Special Projects

We need to work with community partners to plan and host larger regional events

  • Rebellion of 1837 play re: Dr. Duncombe
  • 200th Anniversary of Wardsville 2010
  • 200th Anniversary of War of 1812


A Board of Directors

To facilitate decisions.

Leadership and Accountability

Finances and legal issues

Support the work.

Liaison with community partners




To enable communications among teams and committees

To communicate with local citizens

To promote community events and meetings

 Telephone call lists


Promotions and advertising

Identify free resources and equipment

Community development and education



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