Notes for Your Wardsville Meeting Nov 17, 2008

Your Wardsville

Minutes of Meeting to Review By-laws and Organize Special Meeting to Form Community Association

November 17, 2008
7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. 

Wardsville United Church

Attending: Marty Peterson,Sheila Devost, Denise Corneil, Nina Hurdle, Paul Svendsen, Ken Jackson, Wilbert Blain, Steven Sitler, Eleanor Blain, Vance Blackmore, Richard Golden, Todd Trojand, Martin Vink, Ken Willis, Elizabeth Kersten, Donna Oag, Jason Houde, Mary Simpson.


Advice from Steering Committee:

Members: Vance Blackmore, Todd Trojand, Denise Corneil, Ken Willis, Mary Simpson.

  • Keep community process simple.
  • Keep it fun and light.
  • Focus on action.
  • By-laws are important but they can always be changed at any time. We don’t have to get them right this time.


Preparing for Formation meeting in January

Mary Simpson opened the meeting, presented objectives and agenda, and call for nominations for temporary presiding officer. Marty Peterson nominated Vance Blackmore.  Vance was elected by the majority.

Vance presented the draft constitution and by-laws prepared by Ken Willis and the steering committee.  The group went through the by-laws and made suggestions that were recorded and incorporated into a  draft constitutions and by-laws.

Nomination Committee was selected by the group to bring a slate of nominees for Directors and Committees to next meeting January 19, 2009 at Wardsville Presbyterian Church (to be confirmed) at 7:00 p.m.  Objective of meeting: adopt constitution and by-laws and elect Directors and Committees.



At present there is $46.43 in the Your Wardsville community bank account held at the TCU-Wardsville Branch.  Account Name is “Your Wardsville”. Mary Simpson and Denise Corneil are the cosigners.

Mary and Denise each put in $50  to open this account in fall of 2007.

Over the past year we have received several generous deposits to help Your Wardsville with copying, mailings and an area map. We are very grateful for these donations.  Reported by Denise Corneil.


Kin Day

At present  there is $415.79 in the Kin Day account. This money is being held by the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex. It was agreed on the start up of Kin Day that all monies, receipts and bills would be managed by SWM for Kin Day. This arrangement has worked out nicely. Any donations can be issued a tax receipt from SWM.


Blunders and Portrayals: Duncombe Days.

“Duncombe Days, Wardsville Ontario, June 20; re-enactments, food, and live theatre in historic village on the Thames River.”

Committee being formed to promote event, manage logistics, and sell tickets.


Community Carol Sing

December 22nd at United Church at 7:00 p.m.



Denise Corneil reported that on-line communication tools are being up-graded.

1.  The Your Wardsville blog is at 

2.  Wardsville’s Google Group is at


Your Wardsville News for Transcript

Many thanks to Louise Long and Ken Willis for preparing a weekly community column for the Glencoe Transcript.  Everyone is urged to share local community and family news with Louise.


Other Committees being formed

  • Cultural Committee: upcoming community events
  • Friends of Little Kin Park
  • Business Improvement
  • First Impressions
  • “Howdy Neighbour” Welcome Wagon
  • Special Projects: 200th Anniversary of Wardsville 2010; 200th Anniversary of Battle of the Longwoods: 2014.
  • Fundraising
  • Youth


Toasts to the new community association


Notes prepared by Mary Simpson



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