Skunk’s Misery Natural Area Conservation Plan

Don Gordon – Excerpt from  Species recovery workshop notes, Oct 21, 2008, Wardsville

The Goals of the Skunk’s Misery Natural Area Conservation Plan are:

  • Protect and restore old growth forest
  • Enhance habitat for area-sensitive birds
  • Protect and restore tallgrass prairie and habitat for grassland species
  • Create functional linkages to the Thames River and Newport Forest
  • Maintain and recover viable populations for Species at Risk
  • Improve water quality and habitat of ravine systems
  • Support and influence local policies that support conservation
  • Promote compatible land use and stewardship on public lands
  • Direct incompatible development and land uses away from the Natural Area
  • Enhance community support and understanding of Skunk’s Misery
  • Promote community participation in conservation
  • Increase information and monitoring of biodiversity values, natural processes and threats

Objectives: preserve agricultural land, current lands combine agricultural and natural spaces. TTLT will maintain them as functioning agricultural lands, little change, restore where appropriate natural lands, correct features where possible. Prime farms lands will be maintained as farm properties.

Working together, with private landowners, and conservation minded agencies and orgs, to facilitate the plan’s objectives.

Work in conjunction with Nature Conservancy Canada, local delivery mechanism.  Why Skunk’s Misery? high biodiversity levels, also very high risk of loss.

Due to wetlands in Skunk’s Misery, a lot of areas were not developed, LTRCA and Middlesex County already own some properties, TTLT plan is to double managed properties within Skunk’s Misery. Currently manage Newport Forest south of Thames river in Elgin County

Goals: – enhance community support and understanding

        Build linkages to river

Key properties to be acquired, provide linkages, improve integrity of forested areas.

2000 acres of conservation and restoration property.

Funding is primarily in place to accomplish tasks. Some fundraising remains.


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