60 people attend TCU Wardsville public meeting

Sixty concerned  owners, business members and  residents  of  Wardsville and area attended a public meeting tonight regarding the Thamesville Credit Union Wardsville Branch at  St John’s Presbyterian Church, Wardsville.

Mauro Ricordi, General Manager , assured the group that  “gossip” concerning the closing of the branch was untrue.  He explained that, with our present  economy and the fact that most days only 17  walk in customers use the services at the branch,  hours of business would have to be evaluated. His first suggestion was to have the branch open only one day a week. The attendees were deeply concerned regarding  this proposal. Suggestions were made in an attempt to not have services cut.

The Board of Directors is looking for ideas on how better to service the TCU-Wardsville Branch.

Suggestions included:

  1. a more active advertising campaign highlighting  TCU services
  2. a more active drive for membership
  3. extended hours once a week to better serve people that work out of the community
  4. Saturday openings.

Mr. Ricordi  extended an invitation to members  to  attend  the  Annual General Meeting   January  14, 2009 in Thamesville.

Ricordi thanked  everybody for coming out and a offered special thanks to  Mary Simpson from “Your Wardsville” for helping promote the meeting.

Denise Corneil

December 11, 2008


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