Happy New Year, Wardsville

2009 is going to be a great year for Wardsville and area.  In 2008, Wardsville woke up from its bedroom community sleep and declared its value. Wardsville started considering what could be done with its assets and started organizing.  

I’m charmed by the interesting new people moving in who are bringing their vision and enthusiasm for this community and investing.  Richard Somers’ artistic vision is incredible and is steadily being revealed. The Svendson’s organic farming ambitions are Nina’s dream come true. Doan has started renovating entire houses. The female brains behind two important landscaping firms in the area now reside in Wardsville. Beattie Haven is starting the year with a strong board and a strategic plan.  Emily Patterson has entered first year architecture at Ryerson.  The engineers are wrapping up their investigation of the sewer treatment facility.  Mr. and Mrs. VanDyk have completed their beautiful house.  

And that’s just my personal highlights. A complete compilation would blow our minds.

To all the new residents and businesses who have come to Wardsville and area, Welcome!!


Happy New Year everyone!


Mary Simpson, friend of Wardsville


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