Wardsville renews and reforms in 2009

The community revitalization process begun in Wardsville is pushing ahead.  People with amazing entrepreneurial ideas are moving in and investing.  The movers and shakers (and there are many) are forming an association in order to plan, organize, and drive renewal democratically and in a business-like fashion. This economic stimulus package is built around vision, fun, and sharing the work.

Whether you live here or consider yourself a friend of the village, Skunk’s Misery, the Thames River, and the surrounding area, plan to attend the January 19  meeting at St. John’s Presbyterian Church in Wardsville at 7:00 p.m. to formally adopt a constitution and by-laws and elect the people who have stepped into leadership roles. Everyone attending will go down in history as a Founding member. 

Particularly thrilling are the plans for KinDay June 20 2009.   The theme is the Rebellion of 1837. The remarkable story of how the Rebellion affected Southern Ontario – in a battle for freedoms we now take for granted – will be presented as a living history play in Sparta on Saturday June 6 and Wardsville ON on Kin Day.  


Press release for January 5, 2008

Sent to the Chronicle, Transcript, and Bothwell Spirit.


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