Minutes for meeting to form Your Wardsville: June 19, 2009

Minutes for a Meeting to form the community association: Your Wardsville

St John’s Presbyterian Church, Wardsville
January 19, 2009
7:00 p.m.
Next meeting: March 23/09 @ 7:00 p.m. Masonic Hall 


Vance Blackmore,Mary Simpson, Ken Willis, Liz Kersten, Nina Hurdle, Eleanor Blain, Wilbert Blain, Denise Corneil, Donna Oag, Jason Houde, Steven Sitler, Crystal Dobson, Angie Holman, Art Long, Louise Long, Terry Willis, Vergie Julak,. Sandra Svendsen, Lorna Svendsen, Paul Svendsen, Carol Webster., Rosemary Cranney, Janice Moniz, Marius Van Gemert, Liesbett Van Roosmalen, Sandra Svendsen,Wilbert Blain, Lise Landsborough, Janice Moniz, Fred Copeland, Gloria Copeland, Richard Golden, John deVries, Cheryl deVries, Don Nisbet, Todd Trojand


Larry Willis, Alma Sitler, Grace McGartland, Bob Davis, Sheila DeVost, Marty Peterson


Denise Corneil


    • 7:00 Welcome
    • Remarks from facilitators, Mary Simpson and Denise Corneil.                                                                         Proposed structure and principles for working together.                                                Nomination of Presiding Chair Vance Blackmore 
    • Mr. Blackmore informed the group that the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex would likely be able to provide liabilty insurance for  certain community activities. Southwest Middlesex would also recognize Your Wardsville as a community association and SWM would likely be able to issue tax receipts on Your Wardsville’s behalf.  Details to be figured out.
    • 7:10
      • 1. Moved by Mary Simpson and seconded by Ken Willis, to accept Constitution.  Carried.
      • 2. Moved by Ken Willis and seconded by Nina Hurdle to accept by-laws for Your Wardsville.  Reviewed by all in attendance. The only concern was for a proposed joint Directorship to be held by a couple, Donna Oag and Jason Houde, on the board. The reason  for this action is to encourage young adults with family, jobs and or businesses  to participate in community organizations. One vote to be shared by the couple as only one spouse will ever be able to attend a meeting.   The Board will try this arrangement and if it does not work, the policy will be abandonned.
      • 3. Elect Officers and Directors – Ken Willis, Chair, Nomination Committee
      • Slate of Nominees President- Mary Simpson, Vice President -Eleanor Blain, Secretary- Denise Corneil, Treasurer- Liz Kersten, Directors -Donna Oag and Jason Houde (Shared position one vote), Bob Davis.  Moved by Janice Moniz and seconded by Marius Van Gemert to accept the slate as accepted.  Carried.  
      • To fill the seventh and remaining Directorship, Rosemary Cranney nominated Nina Hurdle.  Carried. This is the official board of Your Wardsville.                              
      • Ex-officio Director Non-voting.  To ensure good communications, the Board of Directors intends to add one ex officio seat to the Board table for a representative from SWM.
      •  4. Ken Willis affirmed and thanked volunteers, committee heads, and all “Communicators”.  
      • 5. Denise Corneil explained the membership form and the volunteer form.
    • Recess to celebrate. Filled out membership and volunteer forms.
    • 8:30  Operations: meeting of the Communicators and Members
      • 1. Kin Day Plans: Up-date from Ken Willis, Mary and Denise
      • 2.Duncombe Days: Play about the Rebellion of 1837. Motion: Moved by Vance Blackmore and seconded by Nina Hurdle: To support and go forwards with the play and theatre about Dr.Duncombe being planned for June 20, 2009 as part of Kin Day. Budget should bring in excess revenues to support the administration costs of Your Wardsville. Carried.
      • Mary described the  play regarding The Duncombe Rebellion-1837. Wardsville has been asked if we would like to hold the play in our community because  Dr. Duncombe slept in Wardvsille at George Ward’s Inn  on his escape to the USA. Dr. Duncombe was escaping to save himself from being hanged. 
      • 3.First Impression Team: focus for this coming year. Report from Paul Svendsen
        • What is First Impression. How we want others to see us?
        • Area Branding, Logo. motto, trademarks to be developed.
        • Banner, Flower Pots, Entry Signs
        • Questionnaire to be developed and all community members asked for their input re: community branding. There will be a drop off box at the library for a questionnaire.
      • 4. Closing comments form all attending. Dreams and aspirations. Key words -hope, potential, energized, encouraged, creative, library, more people, love Wardsville, encouraged, hopeful, baseball, revitalize, positive energy, artist. Cresting the hill, Wardsville resembles the magical village of Brigadoon.
      • 5. Acknowledged all the hard work of citizens, volunteer and committee leads.
    • 9:30 Adjourn for action.


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