Elgin’s new brand and logo wins big award


If the intention of developing a brand is to tell the world who you are, increase community pride and create a consistent message, then it really helps if it’s award winning. Elgin County’s new brand, “Progressive By Nature”and attraction package were both winners under the categories of “Branding” and “Publications” at the EDCO event held February 5th at Toronto’s Eaton Centre Marriot Hotel. The Gala awards attracted over 150 submissions, and the wins are a tangible recognition of Elgin County’s history of innovation and continued propensity to break new ground.


Our brand has been described as creative, powerful and vibrant – all things that give us the competitive edge we need to promote our strategic location and progressive approach in the key sectors of Energy and Environment, Agri-Business and Tourism. The award not only shows that we’re on the right track, but rewards the efforts and investments made by our forward thinking County Council,” said Warden Graham Warwick.


The brand, including a modern new logo, community profile brochure and municipal profile brochure were developed as a result of a recent Economic Development Marketing Strategy, executed by firms Millier Dickenson Blais and Yfactor in collaboration with the Elgin County Economic Development and Tourism Advisory Committee (CEEDTAC). As the County represents seven municipalities and many stakeholders, CEEDTAC streamlined the communication process and became the unified voice of a large area with a fragmented message. The Strategy was partially funded by the Community Investment Support Program (CISP) and the Communities in Transition Program (CTP). All printed materials used in the attraction packages are Forest Stewardship Council certified, representing the brand’s commitment to the environment.


Alan Smith, Deputy Director, Community and Cultural Services and Warden Graham Warwick accepted the awards on behalf of the Elgin County team. “The brand and attraction packages are just the beginning. We now have award winning tools and a plan that will showcase our incredible attributes, friendly communities and quality of life to entrepreneurs and prospective businesses. It’s an honour to receive the award, but even more of an honour to represent a community whose leaders recognized the benefits and opportunities afforded by investing in the creation of the strategy,” said Smith.


EDCO consists of close to 600 private and public sector members from all sectors of the Ontario business community. The awards ceremony honours the location and tourism promotion efforts of Ontario cities and Municipalities.


For more information contact:


Alan Smith

Deputy Director, Community and Cultural Services

Economic Development and Tourism Services

County of Elgin

(519) 631-1460 x 133


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