Thames Talbot Land Trust will purchase, then protect lands in perpetuity


With Skunk’s Misery crossing the county lines of Middlesex, Elgin and Lambton counties, the Thames Talbot Land Trust  goal is to acquire new lands and protect them in perpetuity. Each new parcel is endowed with its own stewardship fund that is invested so that the annual income meets the ongoing expenses of property ownership.

Thames Talbot Land Trust has a $3.2-million grant in addition to a $500,000 donation from the estate of Beryl Ivey set aside for Skunk’s Misery. The Blain property which has been the first purchased by the TTLT in the Skunk’s Misery project, has a plan which includes the:

  • protection and restoration of old growth forest,
  • enhancing habitat for area-sensitive birds,
  • protection and restoration of tallgrass prarie and habitat for grassland species,
  • creating linkages to the Thames River and Newport Forest, maintaining and recovering viable populations for species at risk, improving water quality and habitat,
  • support and influence of local policies that support conservation,
  • promotion of compatible development and land uses,
  • enhancing community support and understanding of Skunk’s Misery,
  • promotion of community participation in conservation and
  • increasing information and monitoring of biodiversity values, natural processes and threats.


by Marie Williams-Gagnon.

Excerpt from Transcript & Free Press article, February 12, 2009


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