A gory battle just down the road.

On March 4, 1814, the War of 1812 was dragging on. Colonel Holmes of the 24th U.S. Infantry was traveling on Longwoods Road with 160 men toward the settlement of Delaware, which he planned to attack. Near Strathburn, Holmes learned that Captain James Basden was leading 150 British Regulars of the 1st and 89th, 100 militia from Middlesex and Kent, Caldwell’s Western District Rangers, and about 30 natives towards him. Holmes retreated back to 20 Mile Creek (Battle Creek) where his soldiers had built an abattis and slept the night before.The coordinated forces on the British side marched on and the next day towards 5:00 p.m., the British attacked the U.S. Infantry.

Captain Basden and his Red Coats led a frontal attack from the east, across the creek and up the hill. The militia attacked from the north and the natives from the south.The exposed Red Coats were hampered by the snow and ice on the hillside while the Americans, hidden behind their barricade, easily shot at the British troops. The British withdrew, and the Americans did not follow them. Instead the Americans returned to Detroit.There were 52 British wounded and about 14-16 killed. Of the 52 wounded, 5-6 died shortly afterward. Holmes’ impression was that there were at least 80 “casualties”, which there were. American losses were far less.


Prepared by Mary Simpson with information about the battle from Glen Stott and the Windsor Public Library web-site.Thursday, December 16, 2004


One thought on “A gory battle just down the road.

  1. Is anyone commemberating the life of Canadian Governor General Sir Isaac Brock, Defender of the Empire, Savior of Independant Canada and spoiler of ‘the twentyth State of America’?

    Sir Issac Brock was one of the Greatest Generals North America has ever produced—damn his eyes!!! When America declared war against the British Empire:

    1. GB was at war with Napoleon
    2. York (Taronto) was given priority of defense
    3. Canada was mostly Pro-American else benignly neutral against Great Britian
    4. Everyone in England wrote Canada off as a ‘Lost Cause’
    5. Brock commanded 150 regulars and 700 milita of dubious quality and loyality and what ever Indian Allies he could muster. All he could hope to do was to perform a token resistance, and evacuate home to England with ‘the honours of war
    6. Outnumbered 10-1, and against the advice of King, Country, Wellington and the learned Generals of the Empire—he goes on the offensive!!!
    7. He immediately seizes 2 Forts (inc Ft. Dearborn, aka Chicago).
    8. Sir Brock tries several times to take Detroit but fails. 9. Defeated, he is down to a handful of men (20-1 odds), no hope of re-inforcement and caught between two pincers of American regular and militia troops.
    8. So what does this utterly defeated commander do?
    Offer terms of Surrender to the Americans!!!
    9. Sir Brock sends a parlay team to Brig Gen William Hull, having surrounded the Americans and beating pots and pans/blowing trumptets ( TWICE the Canadians pull this shit on us and we fall for it—see Battle of the Chateaugay 1813).
    10. Sir Brock then extended his offer of surrender to the American Commander:

    “Brig Gen Hull, I must be frank with you. If the battle continues, we won’t be able to contain our Indian Allies…Remember how, at St. Clair’s Defeat (1791), Little Turtle roasted your soldiers alive? Twas terrible business. According to your President Washington, it took three days before the screams finally died out.
    And what they did to your women, no white woman should endure!!!

    Well, the chap who supervised the roasting of your people, Tecumseh, is here today and I am afraid his Majesty has made him a bloody Brigideer General–same as you, William (May I call you Bill; I like you Bill. I like All Americans, Bill. Ich Bin Eine American, Bill!!! America, America, God Shead his grace on thee!!!) . Tell you what, Bill. Order your men to stack their weapons, we’ll all get drunk and sing Beatles songs around the camp fire instead of your lads being IN the campfire—what do you say, Bill?!!!).

    One hour later, the Americans surrendered Detroit and 2,500 of their troops without having fired a shot in anger. Two months later, Sir Isaac sallied out from Detroit and again crushed the Americans at the battle of Queenston, where he fell, mortally wounded. He death kept Canada British and slave free.

    Did America ever avenge the British for kicking our ass in the War of 1812 (Battle of New Orleans don’t count–it was fought AFTER the war)?

    Hell Yes!!! Bernard Madoff took Sir Ringo Starr for half his life savings, meaning America beat the Beatles by proxy!!! USA#1, USA#1!!!

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