1985 film about rebel Samuel Lount screened.

Your Wardsville cinema presented rebellion film May 12 at United Church:

Film: Samuel Lount: Hero or Traitor in the 1837 Rebellion?

Twenty of us were there to view this R.H. Thomson Canadiana film that was released in 1985.  Another story about the Rebellion of 1837.  The film colour was dark (there were no electric lights in 1837) and the sound was garbled but the film  described the part of the story that we all know about –vaguely: William Lyon Mackenzie’s ill-fated revolt that went wrong on Yonge Street in early December 1837.


This story that we DON’T know tells how the farmers of southwestern Ontario were left  exposed after the revolt failed.  The news of failure did not travel fast enough to the re-inforcements and the “traitors” had to run for their lives.  Dr. Duncombe and Joshua Doan were two of the leaders from our rural communities that hiked it to the U.S.  Duncombe got across the river after his overnight in Wardsville but Joshua Doan eventually went to the gallows.


Mary Simpson


2 thoughts on “1985 film about rebel Samuel Lount screened.

  1. Hi Mary, just came across your post in a google search of Samuel Lount. I’m the producer of the film. Sorrry to hear about the picture and sound quality. Was the DVD ordered from us or taken off the air? I don’t recall making a sale to Wardsville for a screening. Our DVD is pretty good quality so there shouldn’t have been a problem if that was what was screened. http://www.samuellount.com Thanks, Elvira

    • In 2009 , a local playwright, Marion Johnston, wrote a play about the rebellion called “Duncombe Rebellion 1837” [https://wardsville.wordpress.com/category/heritage/rebellion-of-1837-heritage/] and it was performed in 4 locations, Wardsville, Ontario being one of them. Our small village was quite excited about hosting this play and we showed the film to a few people as part of our research and learning about this area of history.

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