Beattie Haven looks ahead to future

Beattie Haven Board of Directors and the resident community is looking towards the future.  So far, we have this:

1)    Develop a vision and sell the dream. Capture people’s imaginations.

2)    Be strategic.

3)    Be innovative.

4)    Design flexibly for changing needs. Each wave of seniors varies.

5)    Take a community-based planning approach involving seniors. Get early buy-in and commitment.

6)    Multi-pronged capital raising approach.  Develop several strategies and work them all. 

What Beattie Haven is looking at:

  1. Revitalization of existing retirement facility: client-centred care, interior up-dating,
  2. New wing of supportive housing
  3. Commons area with a wellness centre and lots of relevant programming: Beattie Haven as Destination; supports for seniors aging at home.
  4. Life lease cottages for independent living: attractive units for younger seniors.

Two types of housing for seniors:

 (1) Wing of supportive apartments, built to modern standards for active seniors who need little to no personal care services or nursing but want three meals a day and an active social life, [1]   

(2) life lease cottages similar to those proposed  in 1997.


[1] Boydell, K.M. (2007). Best practice in housing design for seniors’ supportive housing. Waterloo, ON: Regional Municipality of Waterloo.



Excerpt from Annual General Report 2008

Mary Simpson, Board Secretary, Beattie Haven Inc.


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